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Be an influencer

Start With A Smile

We live in an age where social media sometimes speaks louder than the good old fashion on-site marketing. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are just some of the apps that easily made their way into our lives. The way we explore things changed remarkably with the immensely growing industry of the world wide web. A click of a finger can land us a job, find a new place to live, or even make a living! As the online world grows, so as the importance of photos and videos. If we travel back in time, we will notice that photos are only taken during special occasions like birthdays, family reunions, weddings, and even pre-war moments. We usually see photos of our grandparents where they wear their unabashed expressions. Now, photos and videos are taking place anywhere and anytime. And with the rampant exposure to cameras, our version of a good photo will usually reflect beaming smiles, artistic shots, or distinctive poses.

There are many reasons why people—especially business-minded ones—tend to invest in social media like Wonderful Dental. This is the newest platform in marketing a business. For established companies as well as start-up businesses, social media serves as a platform to showcase their products and services at a much lower cost while reaching a much wider audience. The fact that it reaches across borders and surpasses language barriers is remarkable.

On the other hand, freelancers also invest in social media. It gives them the chance to establish their presence without so much as posting photos of their products or services online. Together with the growing influence of the social media craze, the so-called “influencers” instantly became a hit.

An influencer is a person whose followers are rampantly growing every day. They are the ones who’s posts on YouTube and other social media platforms usually appear on the trending list. They have supporters all over the globe. The influencers make money through the number of views on Youtube and Instagram. The more views and clicks, the more brands will want to invest in them to endorse their product. Pretty much like a print ad model but, like everything on the web you get your feedback in an instant.

Now we have here the basic things on how to start your journey to being an influencer:

1.             FLASH THAT SMILE

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One of the things that almost all influencers have is being charming Charming in the sense that your audience will want to hear what you have to say, spend hours just watching you do your everyday routine, and willing enough to do it all over again the next day or week. It is similar to a social gathering where — for business purposes—you will to charm your way through the crowd to connect with the right people. Followers will be drawn to you: or just as they always say in the comment section, “can’t get enough of you”. Smiling is the key ingredient in being charming. It gives off the aura of positivity: which most of the viewers need after the long hours of hard work. Make sure you are giving your viewers your best smile by having wonderful dental hygiene. Aside from the routine that we are doing at home, it is always a great idea to visit your dental professional and have your teeth checked and cleaned. Perhaps you can make the most out of your visit by asking your dentist about fluoride varnish and have him or her apply it to your teeth. Besides, being an influencer, you should invest in your bodily health.

2             PLAN YOUR CONTENT

This will guide you as you make yourself be recognized by the public. When you are in doubt of what your blog/vlog will be about, it is always helpful to think about what makes you happy and what you are passionate about. Passionate enough that you want to share the world about it. Likewise, when you are happy about a certain topic you can talk about it for hours. It can trigger you to be creative and catch what the viewers really want to see.

Successful influencers not only talk about serious stuff. Though some really do have great contents—like the environmentalists, fit buffs, make-up gurus and many more—others became a hit because of their humor. Factoring in all human emotions per certain age group, one common denominator is— everyone wants to be happy especially after long hours of work. With that in mind, funny influencers are surely a hit.

On the other hand, if you are an expert in a certain field, you can do tutorials or tips and tricks on how you do your thing. Social media allows the viewers to easily search for “how to’s” therefore posting relevant tutorials can help you gain followers.


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                                Being an influencer looks like a fancy job on the outside but in reality, it also comes with great responsibility. Though being a successful influencer really comes with perks, having your thoughts and voice heard by thousands of people means that you will now have social responsibility. Aside from this, you will be open to criticisms and comments from anyone and anywhere. To avoid this, careful vlogging should be practiced at all times. Plan, review, and double-check your content before posting online. It is also important to have a strong mindset. Make sure you are in the right mind to make a decision before starting your journey to being an influencer.


                                This can help you plan your content easily. Research on how others do their videos and take it from there. There is some format that when you review posted videos of others, you will notice similarities and differences between different people’s vlogs/blogs. You can use that as a guide in planning your content or you can make something of your own altogether.

5.           TRY AND TRY

                                Not all influencers become a hit overnight. Some even posted several videos or blogs before getting the followers that they have. Some are lucky enough to receive positive ratings with only a few videos or blogs. The bottom line is. If you really want it then you should try and try until you reach your goal. Paragraph

There are still many things to consider, research, and do before one can really become an influencer. Many of that involves determination, patience, and the love of the industry that you want to pursue.


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